We developed Lash Wash to provide to clients a great, reasonably priced eyelash/eyelid cleanser which has multiple uses - a "one stop" as it were to keep your eyes clean and healthy!  Not only is it great for your eyes, it is also a gentle face wash - removing make up and has proved to be perfect for those who wear eyelash extensions as the adhesive is not affected by the cleanser. 

Time is always of the essence so it's great to have one product which does so much, cutting down on the time spent on your cleansing routine gives you more time to be out there enjoying life!

Our cleanser is currently available in four different sizes - 5ml, 50ml, 80ml and 500ml - perfect for slipping into your handbag for overnight as well as for those fabulous technicians in the beauty salons who require larger volumes.  

We hope that you love using our product as much as we do.  This is the start of a collection of beauty and lifestyle products that we will be adding to in time to come.

Welcome to Lash Wash and remember - LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU'RE LAUGHING!

The Lash Wash Team.